Things to Do in the Bathroom When Moving House 

It doesn’t mean that it is the easiest to pack and move just because the bathroom is the smallest in the house. It is true that we probably have more stuff in the bathroom than we realize because it is an area of the home where we tend to collect stuff and with so many places where things can hide. 


In fact, we can only see its complexity until it is time to sort things and move. If you need some help during your moving, you can always ask professional assistance from house movers in Louisiana. They provide high-quality work and ensure customer satisfaction. To help you, here are some tips on what to do in the bathroom when moving house. 


You can start by sorting through the cupboards, drawers, medicine, and vanity for any medicine bottles, jars, or tubes. You will have some pill bottles or medicines that have been forgotten if you are most like us, so you will need to carefully go through these items one by one to know that medicines must be kept and what should be disposed of. 

Do not flush it down the toilet or empty the contents in the drain if you need to dispose of medicines. Since chemical treatments do not completely remove the contents, medicines can cause environmental contamination and damage. 

It is crucial that you talk with your local pharmacist to determine the proper way to dispose of medicines. If you are disposing of household cleaners, paint thinners, etc. you can also talk to your local waste disposal agency. 

Decide which are critical once you have determined the medicine you are going to keep. In your essential’s box, you must store those critical medicines and those that are heat sensitive. The rest can just be put in a separate box marked as “medicine cabinet” for easy identification and access. 


It is essential that you must be very particular in what you choose to move with you when sorting through toiletries. Expensive conditioners, hair products, and perfume must be kept. So the tubes won’t leak, it is crucial that you make sure the lids of these items are properly tightened.  

Find out if a local charity will accept them if you have items that you no longer want to move but are still in good condition or not used at all. Before you donate, ensure that you ask for their stipulations. 


To pack bathroom items, you can use small boxes. It is important that you pack toiletries separate from medicines and stored in zippered plastic bags that will not leak. For glass jars or bottles, it must be cushioned well and packed using linens or clothing. To line, the inside of the box, use towels and mats. 

Place the small boxes into one medium or large size box to make sure that the small boxes are not lost in the move.  You just need to make sure that the final box does not weigh more than 30 pounds so that you will have a hard time transporting it.